College Care

Our College motto encompasses our College Values:

Strength in building a sense of determination and optimism when faced with challenges in learning and life.                     

Faith in God, God to provide all our needs according to His purpose.

Honour to respect the uniqueness of others, value teamwork and foster honesty and integrity.


Curiosity in instilling a love of learning and a sense of wonder within all members of the learning community.

Respect in developing an understanding that all individuals are unique and can make valuable contributions to the community.

Self-Discipline in learning, behaviour and life.

Perseverance in building a sense of determination and optimism when faced with challenges in learning and life.

Compassion and Empathy in fostering respectful and supportive partnerships between leadership, management, staff, teachers, students, parents, families and the wider community.

Inclusiveness to promote a sense of belonging through collaboration and mutual respect based on the principles of integrity, honesty and trust.

Excellence in empowering all students to achieve and celebrate their personal best within a culture of high expectations.

Atlantis Beach Baptist College is a safe, caring and positive environment where self-discipline and respect are consistently demonstrated. We value our connections as a College Community and seek to build trust and rapport within the College Community. The College places a high priority on student welfare and wellbeing and works to build mutually respectful relationships.  The interactions between staff, students, parents and families should be caring, polite and inclusive. Students will have the opportunity to use their personal talents and abilities in the service of others.

The Atlantis Beach Baptist College Community has an awareness of God’s love and the opportunity to grow in personal faith through biblical knowledge. The College Community will adhere to the College Charter of Goodwill. The College has a Christian Education curriculum across the Primary year levels and in the Secondary, Christian Education will be taught through the ‘Linked-In’ program. Students have opportunities to explore matters of faith in a supportive environment. Partnerships will be built with local Christian organisations to improve opportunities and outcomes for staff, students and parents to grow in faith.

Student behaviour should be respectful and appropriate to all members of the community. Students are encouraged to be self-disciplined in learning and life. There are clear strategies to promote appropriate behaviour, including agreed responses and consequences for inappropriate student behaviour which provides sufficient support for teachers to implement policies. The Behaviour Management Plan will include a clear system for students and families to be aware of. Bullying will not tolerated at Atlantis Beach Baptist College.

College Charter of Goodwill

All students and staff have the right to:

  1. Learn or teach, free from disruption.
  2. Be treated courteously.
  3. Be free from any form of unlawful discrimination.
  4. Work in a clean, safe and healthy environment.
  5. Have their property respected and cared for.

“Love your neighbour as yourself.” Mark 12:31