A vital part of the community at Atlantis Beach Baptist College is the House system. Every student belongs to a House and the activities in the Houses are an integral part of the Care Program. ABBC has three Houses. It is planned that as the College grows a fourth House will be introduced. Primary students are also allocated to a House as are all staff members. Each student remains in the same House while at the College as do other members of the family. Houses establish community spirit and a sense of belonging through friendly rivalry in inter-house competition both sporting, academic and cultural.

College House Groups


The name Artek means “rock” in Scottish culture. It is derived from the name Arthur.


The name Tarin means “rocky hill” in Irish culture.


The name Petra means “rock” in the Greek language. It is derived from the name Peter from the Bible, of whom God said “on this rock I will build my church” – Matthew 16:18


Carrick means "rock" in Gaelic.

House Points

At Atlantis Beach Baptist College to have a majority of students who work hard, are polite and cooperative, wear their uniform correctly and represent the school with pride in the community. As a means of encouraging these students, the College has introduced a ‘House Points’ system.

How the system works

There are three categories for which students may earn House Points:

  • Community

This category includes any act a student carries out that helps others at the school or enhances the sense of belonging to the school community.

  • Academic

This category relates to a student’s academic performance in assignments, tests and exams or their attitude and effort in class.

  • Sporting

Students can earn House Points in this category by participating well in PE classes, coaching sport teams, competing well at sport days and representing the College in interschool competitions.

The winning house at the end of each semester will earn a reward for every student in that House.