Assessment and Reporting

Assessing of student progress is continuous. Some standardised testing is carried out throughout the year to supplement the teacher's judgment of the student's progress. Each day, students will take home a Communication Book (Years 1 to 2) or Homework Journal (Years 3 to 6) in an effort to maintain strong communication links between the home and school. Student workbooks will be collated and sent home regularly. A student’s work will periodically be sent home for sighting by parents/guardians. This may consist of pieces of the student’s work such as assessments, tests, as well as textbooks and general workbooks. Parents/guardians are able to view these and sign and return to school. Formal reports will be sent home at the end of Terms 2 and 4. An Interim Report will be provided at the end of Term 1. Assessing of children’s progress is continuous. Some standardised testing is carried out throughout the year to supplement the teacher’s judgement of the student’s progress. Assessment should be authentic and be based clearly on the Western Australian Curriculum.

Reporting on student achievement

At ABBC teachers and parents/guardians work together to ensure that students receive the best possible academic support whilst at the College. In addition to the formal academic reporting process, it is expected that teachers will keep parents/guardians informed of student progress at all times. At the very least, parents/guardians should be informed when a student is at risk of failing a Course or Subject. Usually this is when a student’s results are below a 55% average. Optimally, parents/guardians should be made aware of any changes in student performance well ahead of reports being issued. At ABBC we follow the ‘no surprises’ rule and keep parents/guardians up to date in terms of student progress, particularly if a student drops one or more grades unexpectedly. Use of SEQTA provides parents/guardians access to current grades and the ability to track a student’s performance in real time.  It is also important to try and reward students who are achieving by advising parents/guardians of any academic gains.  Teachers are encouraged to award commendations as recognition of a student's achievements.