Parents and Friends

Atlantis Beach Baptist College has an active Parents and Friends (P&F) Group that meet regularly to discuss how best to serve the college students and community. Parent involvement is welcomed at Atlantis Beach Baptist College. Close communication between home and school is encouraged via the Parent Portal, appointments, email, sms and phone contact as well as regular parent information sessions and college assemblies.

The P&F's main purpose is to actively fundraise, enabling the purchase of extra resources for our college. Money is raised from various events held during the year, including dress-up days, Mothers Day/Fathers Day stalls and the Bunnings sausage sizzle. As well as raising money, these events allow students, parents and staff to enjoy a day of fun and community building.

There are many opportunities for parents to become involved throughout the year. Calls for volunteers will be sent via the college newsletter. General P&F meetings are held once a term with everyone welcome to attend.